I have placed an order but it has been stopped

There are various reasons for request stopped:

  1. when you submit a request, you should not change the channel ID or link. If you do, the request will be stopped. To resolve this issue, please revert the ID to its previous state and send the order tracking code to support, so they can reactivate the request for you.
  2. If the content of your channel or group is inappropriate or violates the rules, your channel or group may be completely blocked, and you will not be able to place orders. It’s important to ensure that the content you share complies with the platform’s guidelines to avoid any restrictions or penalties.
  3. If you have enabled “Apply to Join” in the settings of your channel or group, your order will be stopped by us. To reactivate the order, please return the channel or group to its normal state and send the order tracking code to the program’s support team. They will then activate your request again.

         If your order has been stopped and it does not fall under any of the mentioned scenarios, please send your order tracking code to the support team. They will assist you in resolving the issue. 

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