Be a Millionaire

You can easily be in your home, with any level of education and from anywhere in the world, Make Money on Million amount monthly in the telegram.

For start, you can use 2way that I completely explain for you in the following.

Don’t worry! Just stay with us 🙂

Make Money on Million amount

First method : Do add member order for other’s channel

With the enormous growth of telegram channels and the registration of several thousand new Iranian channels in a day and best income from advertisements and online sale, new opportunities have been created for all of the Iranian.

But this new channels are at the beginning of their business and don’t have any member,

For making money from advertising and online sales, need to have a high number of members.

The point here is that they have a few members, so people do not trust those channels!

Because searches have shown that channels with a few members, cannot achieve people’s trust.

And usually people wouldn’t be a member of those channels and they prefer to be a member of channels with high member.

Because they thought by themselves that the high member’s channels may be have good content and because of it, they can attract more and more member! (that in majority cases they thought correctly)

The greatest Iranian telegram’s channel

If a channel has 100 members and another one has 100.000 members, majority of people prefer an app with the most members so admin of channels want to unlimited increasing the member of their channel.

In addition to attracting new users to the channel because of its high member, it also generates much more revenue from advertising and selling Internet products.

For examples GIZMIZ channel(@gizmiz-tele), has up to 1.200.00 members and for each advert it receives 1.2 million tomans! You know How wonderful is it🙂

Now what can I do?

You can easily add member for another channel and You also can get money from them for increasing the member of their channel.

That almost half of those who install their Membersgram do it and we explain it for you so that you can use this service and benefit from it 🙂

What is the way to success?

According to price of member in Membersgram that is cheaper for you from Everywhere,

When you buy member from Membersgram, you can do something for example from 20% to whatever you prefer, raise the price because of your own fee and sale those members with more price.

Be sure that you will be who always order to increase the number of member.

Because the base price of our store is cheaper than everywhere, also your final price is cheaper and your customer looking for lower price as a result; you will be final winner.

Our offer to you is to start subscribing to the channels and getting a free coin.

So that money doesn’t go out of your packet!

Then, go to the telegram, start advertising and message to the owner of the various channels that you get member for them (Given that you are still at the first of the way, you should offer a subscription to channel under 10,000 members, and when you become more experienced, you can order more and more high members channels).

Then when you get money from this way, you can start buying coins and large package.

Larger packages have more discounts and your final members price will be decrease and actually your profit will be improved 🙂

If you want to be like experts that active in this field,

You can buy larger package, start your work faster and Keep your place at the top.

Second method : Create channel and get advertisement order

To better understand the income of the channels, we explain the method of advertising about GIZMIZ channel for you.

GIZMIZ channel

Price of per advertisement:1.2 million tomans.

Ad number per day: 2

Monthly income just from advertisement: 72 million tomans.

Income through participation in advertising for other channels: Unknown

Income through member sales and visits for other channels: Unknown

Making a good channel needs strong content and good management.

Most telegram’s channel’s managers get their channel’s content from the internet world and by knowing the correctness of their audience’s needs, they accrue more people each day and earn more income.

As we have already said, people are more likely to be members of high member channels and they believe that, these channels are better than other channel!

You can order any amount of member you need, so that your channel has a lot more members than the rest of the channel, you can grow faster and get rich soon. Go foreign travels and by the sea.

foreign travels and by the sea