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Increase view of your posts at the telegram totally free

Increase view of your posts at the telegram totally free With MembersGram

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Features of the application

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In this app located features that are fantastic and functional that enjoying the use of app will be double :

Get daily, free coins Ascending
Get 2 coins for each join on the channel
Daily reward of enter to app, up to 82 coins
Ability to transfer coins to various accounts of the Membersgram app
Internet saving capability
Ability to run multiple versions simultaneously and get more coins
Free Increase view of the 5 Last Posts of the telegram’s Channel
Join and visit Telegram’s Channels Automatically
Possibility of simultaneous add real-member for telegram’s multi-channel
Possibility to report the faulty channel of the telegram

Credit to your channel

If you want your business’s channel to peak and have enough credit for your profitability, you should not wait to become famous with forwarding your post or some old way ad like this. Get real member instantly with membersgram app and see Impressive increase in your customers and your channel’s reputation.

If you have any questions, please refer to the support section of membersgram

What is your problem?

Membersgram application with a Brilliant background in add member of the telegram’s channel


Maximum Join per day


Year activity background


Active install

Tips for working with the Android version app and Introducing the main tabs

First you should install membersgram app on your device from here or myket

  1. Enter Intended number
  2. Wait until the activation code is sent to your telegram, then enter the code
  3. If you have activated the 2-step telegram security settings for the Intended number, in this step, enter your telegram password.
  4. if you receive invitation code from your friends, enter it in this page then get 10 coin as gift.

Congratulation, welcome to membersgram

You must collect coins for start to work with application and start member’s adding process, that it is possible through 2 ways:

  1. Through becoming member in the channels that displayed in the main page in “get coin” tab that you will receive 2 coins instead of per join
  2. Through direct coin purchase

After the number of your coins has increased, you must enter to “get member” section and after choosing the number of your requested member in the relevant part, enter the ID of intended channel without @.

You just registered an order for increasing the member of your telegram’s channel

After doing this steps your channel displayed on the main page and with user’s joining in it, they become the member of your channel

You can earn coins without buy process and fully free in this part.

Just click on the Join button and get 2 coins as gift for each Join in the channel.

If you want to be fully join in the channels of the app and get all your membership coins, click on the Auto Membership option and enjoy free increasing of your coins.

This page has some other part like saving use of internet, notification playback of dissolved limitation and so on, that I suggested you test this section inevitably.

By going to the App Store you can buy any number of coins that you want to buy, the larger packages also offer more discounts, so select them and buy members cheaper


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